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Olly C Birthday Ride! Cambs Sunday Jan 29th

Olly C

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Anyone want to ride this coming Sunday if the weathers good?

Getting used to my Team now so hopefully should be some fun (Y)

Shout here if your intrested :)

Patt, Si Sagar, Joe, Sam showed some intrest 2 weeks back, hopefully you can all make it along with the regulars and a few others maybe.

Todge you may have to bring me some snail cams :P

Cheers Olly.

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11 at train station????? is that cool with people???

Yea usually its around 11.00-11.30 that everyone meets, we should probably get some mobile numbers sorted this time so we can tell where each group is, last time me and Todge were waiting around for an hour only to find the rest of you had already grouped up.

Todge if you make it along we should try and get some good footage together (Y)


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What about me you bellend..

OH i see, just use and abuse me, and just someone to talk to on xbox 360 huh ;)

Your gonna get you booty smacked my oly when i see u :angry::P

Joey Joey Joey, you know I love you, I forgot you had a camera to be fair and I knew you were coming already and was like :D that happy. Hense asking Todge to bring his camera like he did last time.. and I need some Snail Cams off him too.

Hopefully the weather will be ok, Saturday was great this week, but Sunday was a bit misty, so its still very much off-on weather, well we'll see what its like nearer the time if it is predicted wet and gh3y then there isn't much point in making the effort BUT lets hope for the best :)


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Olly, You are a star (Y), dangerously slipping into your twenties :D

Will try to make some vids too this time. We have to make the most of it when you are in town (and not on BMX :- ) )

Weather will decide... :ermm: attendance...

By the way last WE, Simon, Pinky , John and I came across a rather big gap from wall to kerb.

That'll interest you for 5mn. :shifty:

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