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Live For Speed


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Crazy driving simulator!

You can download it as a demo but if you want the full game its £24 to get the licence and unlock it all.

The demo should have enough to keep you happy for a while, there is 28 'lessons', access to 3 cars and 1 full track. Its also not too easy controlling the car with such realistic driving physics so its annoyingly fun.

There is an on-line option included with the demo so trials-forum server anyone?

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I love this game, have had it for a few months now. I have a keygen for it which will unlock all cars and tracks but for some reason they only work on single player, not online.

add me to msn if you want it: pierre_lien@hotmail.com

T-F server sounds good.



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downloaded, its just a zipped folder, how do i unzip it?

When i open it, it has like 200 little files inside or some shit :S

what do i do?

Create a new folder somewhere, it would make sence to call it 'Live For Speed' and put it in your Program Files folder.

Unzip all the files into this new folder.

Run the .exe

This is what the readme.txt file says...

Installation :
To install LFS S2, unzip the file into a suitable folder on your
hard drive.  You must ensure that the directory structure is preserved
by using the appropriate option in your unzip utility.  You will know
that it has been correctly unzipped if you see a data folder beside the
LFS.exe program and some more folders inside the data folder.

To run LFS S2 :
Double-click the program file LFS.exe

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messed around with the sensitivity controls and return rate of the wheel so i've got the steering pretty much sorted. Still very hard though, but it's ace realism. like no other game.

I "haven't" cracked it yet so i "haven't" got all the cars. But i "imagine" the new cars and tracks are awesome :shifty:

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yeah but i have 2 partitions,"school" and "home". School section you obviously use at school which connects u to the wireless network, on this section i am not an administrator so i cant install or play that game on this section, can only do it on the home section.

It sucks

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