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Bikes On Busses.


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Hey all

I just got myself a ta26 on ebay and it turns out the guy selling it lives just 15 miles away from me.

Now i can get a bus there to pickup the bike, but can i get one back? It's a 26 so it'll be quite big.

What does everyone think, i've been told if i take the wheels off it'll be fine.


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i think you can take them on stagecoach type bus - with luggage compartments at the bottom (Y) but normal buses no you ain't allowed on with them...

...but take some bin bags or an old bike box or borrow a bike bag and you will have no probs. You are best going at off peak times though. I was on a bus with a flat pack wardrobe the other day :P

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£30 per bus journey? :unsure:

BTW this is in London, i remember the days when it was 40p. TFL ***.

when I was in croydon last year I got charged £1.20 return to croydon its a good 5/6 miles from my dads I was a amazed, in cambridge its £2.30 for for a single there :( give it a a couple of months and il be free from buses forever :)

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