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Half Link Chain


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Hi there,

I used the search but i couldn't find what i was looking for so here goes. I am after a single half link to go in my KHE collapse chain (1/8"). I have found a couple on the internet, but very little information on them. So what i am asking for is the definative link for strength.

Please only answer if you know, dont guess. Also please dont suggest a new chain or anything, i only want 1 link, and if you could put a link to a shop, please make sure it is a UK shop 'cos i would like to keep ordering simple.

Thanks, Phil :)

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There's pretty much always one on ebay for about £1.99 or less each. As for strength i don't think they are really any different from a normal link, i've seen plenty of them used by bmx'er friends and allthough i've seen lots of these chains snap, its never been where the half link is.

I'm planning on using one when i go single speed and i'm quite good at breaking chains and freehubs. :$

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well, i heard that they are very weak, and actually quite unsafe to use. can't give you any examples though

Well here's a whole chain made out of them, designed for bmx's and has a flat outer side to it to let the rider do grinds without worrying about snapping their chain.

link to half link chain

Can't be that unsafe then :lol::D

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Did you even look at the link or even the post that i made? The chain is completely made of half links and HAS A FLAT SIDE FOR GRINDING!!

I don't reckon many other chains that don't have half links in them can withstand grinds anyway, i'm sure the sram chain i'm using at the minute wouldn't last a few seconds if i were to grind on it.

Edit: If that isn't enough to convince you then in the description of the half link chain it says "provides breaking strength of 1300Kgf". On tartybikes a kmc kool single speed chain (k710) is said to have a "1300kg max. load capacity".

You know what that means? it's got the same load bearing strength as a kmc kool chain, which loads of riders use without any problems at all.

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