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Stem Lengths On Mods? What Difference Does It Make


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i have just got a gu long mod but.... it has a hi-fi stock stem on it!

i love how it rides and physically cannot ride any other mod now due to this but i was just wondering what difference would this actually make?? everyone who rides with it seems to hate it because it is so short but it doesn't seem to hold me back at all ( beaten all of my previous achievements in a week) plus i have learnt newer things like bunnyhops to back wheel ( more fun than wheelie hopping) :P



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I rode a 100mm stock stem on my mod for ages with no problems. I personally think something like a hi-fi stem, if it is any shorter (but still high) would help me a lot for things like rolling down stuff that I personally just can't do well on a mod. It might also help if you wanted to learn to tap your mod, and some other things, but other things would suffer, such as wheelswaps.

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