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Fun Trial: Oakworth Quarry


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Well Done to everybody who rode at the trial today, wasnt the best conditions to ride in i know the clay and granite were really bad especially in the afternoon. Hopefully the venue for the next trial will be alot nicer with less mud and sleet etc. I think everybody found the courses abit too hard to get to grudges with, the rocks were incredibly slippy and alot of people towards the afternoon just decided to chill out :).

All in all was a really good turn out of riders, was good meeting you all, also thanks alot to wayne and Barbara for organising it and hopefully be seeing you all next time.

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Thanks Barbara, I didnt hand in my punchcard as i didnt finish 4 of the sections :(, But i was cleaning them and getting 2's and 3's so i would have prob been better handing it in after all :(:( !!!!. I though if you didn't finish all the sections you didnt qualify in the results. First comp you see dont have much knowledge of the rules and regulations :D .

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But i was cleaning them and getting 2's and 3's .

*Cough* 5ed 4sections, Cleaned 1!! Did get a 1 :) got a 2on one because of me :) and got a 3 on another *Cough*

Yeh Biff :lol::-

P.S. I got a 5 on all my sections as i was getting to fustrated!! :angry:

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what an ace comp!!

I REALLY apreciate everyones help to get it done, you put in so much effort, for other people enjoyment...it really means a lot to me.

I loved the venue, loads of lines and even has a FULL PIPE!!! oh how I had fun in there

I hadnt ridden natural for 9 weeks and I hadnt ridden natural on my ashton at all...so I am pretty happy with 3rd in elite. cleaned 5 sections in a row (including section 7 and 9!) I was very chuffed with that.

The water section scared me....you couldnt tell how deep it was (luckily Dave showed us when he dropped into it....top man!! )

That dam gap at the end though, it nackered my rim, I didnt want to do it again incase it made it worse....sorry guys :(

Cant wait till the next comp

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