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Evo Mounts And Evo Ii Mounts...

Gandalf the Yellow

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the thing i don't get is why a trials specific frame (the trial team giant) comes in v brake boses not 4 bolt mounting.... so i had to use evo mounts, and i think everyone knows how crap they are... takes literally all day to try setting it up perfect and stuff....

lets skip to the point... are them new evoII mounts any better at setting up maggies? saw them on CRC for double the price (£29.99).....but it includes their booster.... i guess i can order them from work for cheaper but i want to know if they're worth changing to.... as i F**king HATE them evo mounts!!!!

please help


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Evo 2's are pretty easy to set up - no harder than setting up 4 bolt mounts anyway.

The 'booster' isn't a booster, it locks the clamps in place while you're fitting the brake.

I'd deffo advise getting a booster as well cos the evos flex like buggery.

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I 100% think you should get the evo2 system its so much easyer than them bloody elbows!

The beauty of it is that they come free with any new hs33/hs11 and as most people use 4 bolt mounts they just chuck them in the draw/toolbox and forget about them, so ask on the for sale section for any people have stored away. I have 2 of the mounts but not the evo seteruper.

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