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Requesting Footage!

Rob Thomson

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Hello all,

I've decided for my media coursework to do and advertising and marketing scheme for a new Trials DVD to be released soemtime over sumemr....I'm not actually releasing a DVD or anything...jsut doing the campaign for coursework purposes.

Obviously I don't want to do a DVD entirely of myself...Therefore I'm looking for a range of riders in a range of locations if possible....And obviously, I can't film it all being over here! My media teacher has said some footage can be collected from others as long as i edit it etc et...

My only request is that the footage is as high quality as possible....Obviously nothing silly like HD, but no shitty camera phone filming...Or anything filmed by a shakey spastic...Sorry to be so blunt....

So if you want to be part of it, then throw me a PM and we can sort something out...

Come on folks...!

Cheers loads,


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