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You Wanted To Know About The Bike Show


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The organisers behind NASS, Urban Freesports are stepping up to create their own event for the Biking industry in 2007.

Plans have been in the pipe line for some time and the event is set to be launched this coming spring. With a fresh approach to exhibiting and attending this will be a perfect platform for the huge global market of bikes and biking.

To be held in a prestigious centrally located venue in the Midlands in April 07, the organisers will fill the void left behind by the Bike Show and create a progressive event with involvement from the Biking industry and the riders.

Building on past events and adding new features this will be a unique opportunity to see some of the Biking worlds greatest riders the event will go a long way to delivering a quality exhibition surrounded by Core Pro bike events and Public access arenas.

Urban Freesports has a proven track record with 10 years experience in the Action Sports Market and understands what it takes to deliver creative events that remain true to the core sports market.

The event will compliment the portfolio of the company and give exhibitors and sponsors an easy one stop access to 2 major action sports events.

With extensive contacts in the Sports and Music industries Urban Freesports are guaranteed to put on a great show. “This will be a great show for us and we intend to make it a solid success for all who attend its going to be an event the industry can call its own and rely on” says a NASS company spokesman.

So keep an ear to the ground for more exciting revelations from the NASS camp.

For more information go to www.nass2006.com

i just found it on the nass website, please notify me if it's been done before

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