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Old Style Rear Hs33


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Does anyone know anywhere where you can still buy a single rear "old sytle" HS33 either online or by phone order. I found single fronts and pairs, but all the single rears are 05 versions, I want the old one, in a rear, brand new, but i cant find it anywhere, help :(


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Most places will have sold out by now (hence the only front singles, most people want a rear maggie). i can only suggest ringing various shops, there might be some lbs's somewhere that have one left and are willign to send it, i don't know.

alternatively, check for sale/wanted for good condition ones- i have a brand new front 2004 maggie, and a length of hose i can fit if you want t use it for the back and run the lever upside down.

I know chain reactions have some, but I wouldnt trust them from what the guy at magura was saying to me.

why would that be?

i suppose they could be makign the set up from spares, almost did for my rear brake, but i found a complete new set and just used one brake.

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iv got some dude :D(Y) plenty of the fellas too.akrigg loves the old levers so i bought a job lot off magura.

let us know if you wish to get hold of sum or one. tell others aswell that i have got plenty if anyone else wants em.


PM me or summit cos if i post on here i think it will be classed as "Blatent" advertising. but no where has them ;) literally sold out everywhere.i dont think il have the stock i have for long really.

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Magura HS33 Slave Cylinders and the Magura 2004 HS33 Levers are avasilable at tarty but you have to buy them separately and the hosing and all that. I have a HS33 new model and its fine.


Have you used the 04 ones? i was the same until i got a 04 brake used it for a bit while i was waiting for my rb lever to come, the 05 ones give me awful blisters on my finger but the 04 ones dont weird. I personaly think the 04 lever is better than the rb lever i dont use my mine any more, so all you how are thinking of buying one and filing it down dont bother.

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