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My computer told me that i didn't have enough space in the temporary folder to write a dvd the other day. but if you go in the control panel then in the maintenance bit you can click on "free up space on your hard drive" then choose your main drive. make sure the temporqary files check box is clicked and it should remove all the things that are safe to remove.

I think it is safe to just plain delete them from the folder though, but i wouldn't want to say that and have your computer shut down as a result of it.

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Sorry to Hijack the thread.... (really I am, Ill feel guilty tonight) But can anyone suggest a way to help me speed my PC up. Its only slowed down recently and means that my movie maker (adobe) doesn't like to preview the media files (which are quite large, AVI, raw footage files

Any ideas? It was fine a few weeks ago... :S

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