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Hey all,

Got back into riding again and have got myself a nice new Base build :)

Anyway, i'm try to get hops to backwheel up things but i got a problem. The thing is i can easily hop to backwheel about 2ft but as soon as i land on the ledge on my backwheel the front instantly goes down, no time to pedal kick out or anything.

Has anyone got any tips on how i can improve this, so i can properlly stall on my backwheel on the ledge.

... I cant even do it on a curb :$

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cheers for the good advice guys, any more tips would be apreciated.

Going to try out this stuff tommorow (Y)

Bounce the front wheel of the object just slightly. Not strictly going straight to backwheel, but it'll give you the extra height on the front. After a while you'll find that you're doing this naturally anyway without trying.

Also, give the pedals a bit more kick (another 1/8 of a pedalstroke more than you do at the moment, it can make all the difference) than you would normally and push the bike UP, not just forwards. Laying the power down through the pedals has a lot more effect than you think on your upwards momentum; if you feel like the power isn't being transmitted until your feet are level, you're not getting enough umph into it - you need to be crunching down on the pedal from when your good foot is just in front of the 'down' position if you see what I mean. There's another recent thread similar to this on the forum somewhere where we discussed this in more detail.

And like someone said, bend your legs, get your ass on the rear wheel when you land.

You need to have rubber entering your crack to do the higher stuff like that.

Leaning back more just means that you're going to have to hit the object faster in order to have enough momentum to keep your weight up there.

Or at least that's the way I see it.

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Ace advice Jez and hopper! Much apreciated! Any chance of linking me to that thread?

Hopper, here's my base (the flash made the blue go really light (N) )

IPB Image

It's all practically brand new, the kiddy i bought it off had ridden it about 6 times and couldn't get into the sport. Got mavic rims on hope XC's, Planet x bars, stem and seat. FSA pig headset, front and rear hs33's (single finger) with magura boosters (soon to be replaced) got a nice crankset on it too but i forgot the make.

All was only 250, think i got quite a good deal myself.

*edit* heh, looks somewhat like your ride, Endohopper ;)

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I had this problem when I was learning, you just have to kind of relax yourself and dont over think about the move. Set off late, use a 3/4 pedal stroke and wait until the front wheel is high up before you actually throw your weight UP and forward and push the bike out in front of you, legs slightly bent and land. You should be angled enough and high enough on the ledge now to stay on the backwheel.

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Try to bend your legs, at the knee, but still have your thighs near your stomach area, I still have problems with this, on things that are too low for a tap, I often have to give it a couple of goes before getting it to backwheel, I blame my tyre though, good tip that. :S

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I'm off to put some of this advice into practice now.

so it's

1. ride up to the ledge at a comfortable pace

2. prepare for the hop by pulling up on the front end and leaning back, aim to kick the front end off the ledge if possible.

3. upon maximum rise of the front end give a small 1/4 kick on the pedals trying to push yourself upwards.

4. Prep for the landing on the ledge, keep low and relaxed.

5. Land of the ledge leaning back and with your arse as close to that back wheel as you can.

Is that about right?

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I've been practicing this on curbs for the last couple of days. It seems 70% of the time i can tap the front wheel of the curb hop into the air and then stall on my back wheel on the curb and continue to pedal kick out.

But 50% of that 70 i tap the back wheel aswell (N) I'm guessing this isn't a good thing and it really pisses me off.

Anyway, today i tried doing exactly the same but on something higher, about 4x higher. It seems the tap just sends me backwards more than upwards but this might have been because the thing i was tapping was rounded. I duno.

Anyway, i need to know if i'm going in the right direction with this? Am i doing everything right, is practicing on ccurbs a good idea?

lets get some replies please lads :)

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I would definately say practicing front taps on curbs is a bad idea :ermm: . you don't really find them anything other than a bit of a hinderance on things smaller than 2-3feet. I like the fact your another one in the massive group of base riders, we'll soon be taking over the world. :shifty:

I don't really know what kind of style of riding you have to be able to offer the correct kind of suggestions. If your a streety kind of rider like me then riding at a faster than walking pace and pulling the bars really hard will get the front end up enough for you to stay on the back wheel, also with the streety style the basic rule of thumb is the faster you go the earlier you need to hop, which greatly helps in keeping your weight over the back end because you naturally compress more.

If your going with the more definitve trials style then try pulling the bars upwards more as you kick the pedals and push your legs forwards onto the wall so the bike goes more horizontal. this should asl help keep you on the back wheel.

The best thing for us to be able to help you is for you to take a small video clip of you riding so we can give you the best advice on what can help you, so if you have a digital camera with a movie mode or something use that and then whack it up on tv.isg or something like that.

but definately NO MORE FRONT BUMPS ON KURBS!! :lol::-

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Hah, thanks pal. I'll get a video up asap :)

Personally I think that practicing tapping specifically is probably a bad idea. I find that on the higher stuff (where I actually feel a need to tap instead of going straight to back wheel), I almost automatically tap anyway, without actually meaning to. That's not habit - I never used to try to tap at all, it just kinda gradually started happening. I found that the higher the stuff I was doing, the close my front wheel was getting to the corner of the object (duh), and eventually I was just taking off later and later and eventually just lightly touching the front wheel...which eventually led to full tappage.

But you can't practice it on kerbs if you ask me, they're just too low - the front won't be going up as a result of the tap, it'll probly just keep going mainly forwards. You need something at least 1.5 feet or higher really.

Just my 10p, maybe I'm wrong, I've never tried tapping a kerb :P

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Just my 10p, maybe I'm wrong, I've never tried tapping a kerb :P

agreed - not much point if all you're doing is trying to get up (good for extra boost on 360s though) - you need to find something at least 2 foot high that you can comfortably backwheel every time and just practice mashing your front wheel into it on the way up.

Apart from the pure fun value, there doesn't seem to be much point in tapping (on mod at least) - the bike's so short you can probably backwheel anything you could tap anyway. That said, it is handy if you dont have room for a decent run up.

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