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i'm not asking to be validated i'm just interested in about how long it took you guys to be validated i mean i'm patient and i understand all the spanners who come on and start fights and don't follow guidelines i was just interested how long it took you guys who are members to be validated


just a ball part figure is good

adam :-

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:o ... I must be doing something wrong, i have been a member for nearly a year and a half, (i think:S) and still not validated, and some people have been validated in a matter of hours. So really, it will just depend on how good your posts are.
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There was a time when validation didn't exist, so the older members like myself didn't have to validate.

Post well and use caps and punctuation where applicable and you'll get validated.

Those were the days :P just ment we had the odd newbie who dropped in bullshi**ing about their new Saracen :-

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