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How Much

onza t-rex

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Quite a fair bit mate depends which one your looking at if your looking at this one

IPB Image

Then your looking at £215 from this site http://www.trialmarkt.de/

There is this one also which is a little less http://hometown.aol.de/ingenieurtec/1457962.htm

You could also try getting a normal shimano mech llike a tiagra and getting some of these bad boys..

IPB Image

Which are £14.99 from this site http://www.skinnywheels.co.uk/

Hope some of this helps (Y)

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Rather uneccesary , really unless you're really into Try-All , or have money to throw around . As suggested above , Shimano's road mechs are just fine , weigh only slightly more and are considerably cheaper , so when you inevitably land on the mech it won't be such a disaster . They're manufactured by Tiso , and can probably be bought from them , unbranded for lots less .

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hi i am wanting a new derailer because i bent mine :lol: so am wonting to get the try-all one but cant find any where which sells it or find the price

i heard that the mechs are 275euros each :blink:

yep a bit dear in my opinion i would just get an xtr short cage or something (Y)

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