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Brake Bolts Snapped


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Hello, im stuck. was service the old bike, tightening brake bolt back up on four bolt mounts and one snapped. there is about 3/4mm sticking out of frame. any good idea to get it out, threads should be okay so drilling is a last resort.

ive tried plyers, an cut abit into the top of remaining bolt to use screw driver, neither worked.

any ideas would be great, heating maybe?? not sure

cheers, Tim.

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Do not use heat, it will just destroy your frame.

I don't think WD40 would help this much, I accept I may be wrong here, but the problem is the lack grip and leverage. Although you say you have used the screwdriver method and this hasn't worked? Which is quite suprising, if you got a good solid grip and the amount of force you put through the screwdriver would be immense, and so I don't WD40 would help this much?

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How much bolt is sticking out? if there is a fair bit then drill a horizontal hole through the bolt and put a 1mm alan key through it and use the extra leverage from that...

The day that works better than a sharp set of mole grips i will eat my hat B)

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This happend to my frame exsept it was a clean snap (nothing to grab).We got a dremil which is like a small hand drill and drilled it about halfway through the bolt .Then got a small allen key and tapped it into the hole with a hammer.Then just unscrew the bolt slowley with the allen key.Do that.It works amazingly.



P.s Andy amos did mine.His addy is andymontyti@hotmail.com.

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