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Rear Brakes For Stock.

Trials Boy

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The bike i'm buying has an 2004 Magura HS33 with Carbonique booster and normal pads.

Now the brake isn't all that good, what do you all think i should do? The rim has a grind and still isnt very good, do i get the new 05 Maguras? I've been on a XTP with 05 magura and it felt lush!

With 05 maguras can i have it without the stupid booster thingy that goes under the brake, 2bolts (Soon to be 4) and with a 4 bolt booster when i get my new frame?

This is what i would get: http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=7138 But do i have to use the quick release? As i got told you cant set it up with a booster very well and i'll most proberly getting a Headsink 4 bolt booster and Heatsink pads.

So will a 2005 maggie be ok with heatsink booster and pads without quick release and the booster that goes under the brake?

Thanks a lot for any help.


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Yes you can run 05 maguras without that silly booster. I switched from an 04 lever to an 05 and it feels so much better. Looks better too. :)

What pads are you running at the minute? Try some plazmatics, heatsink blues/reds or the new heatsink coust pads. They all work very well providing you have a fairly harsh grind (you can run the heatsink blues on a smooth rim, I did with no tar and the bite was unblievable, would slip). (Y)

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Just changing the standard maggie pads for an after market set as suggested above will improve your braking hugely.

Try new pads and take your time setting the maggies up right first before you go buying new 05 maggies

Ok mate, its just i cant set brakes up :$ I'll have to take it to Chris at Activ.

Ok, thanks, i'll order some new pads soon.


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