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Later on in life, I will be looking for another job. I have every industrial health and safety qualification going and soon to be gaining diplomas. The thing is, I f**ked about no end in school, resulting in shitty results for my GCSE's.

I obviously didn't stay on in school, even though all my mates went to college for photography and art...but I thought getting work experience was more important and more to my interest, which has paid off now I have a top pay job and they're taking photos of gravestones.

However, this still leave me with wank gcse's, I got, I think, 2 B's and the rest were C's. By the employment standards for the jobs I want, I may need better results to completely win over an interview opportunity and build a better CV.

I don't have GCSE Certificates, and the school keeps them for about a year, so I'm shit out there. What I was wondering was do you think I could get away with lying though my teeth?

Obviously I don't claim to have an A in everything going, but 'boost' my key subjects up a bit? I think it could work out...maybe...I've NEVER known a company to check up on GCSE results via the school.


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I mean, I've done interviews but that is only for the ONE company, I don't know how other companies work. But we never ever check up on certificates unless its for anything important (eg. first aid, electrician ect).

I have my health and safety, electrical, first aid, fire certificates which will be checked on and they have no problem...but my GCSE's might just be ignored becuase they're not that important...but A's always look better then C's on a CV...

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Ex head or something at my secondary school lied to get his job, then he murdered his step daughter.

Interesting fact. Dont get started on that road, just emphasise what you have done rather than what you havent.

Aye, true I probably wouldn't dare do it, lol, but wondering about the risks and I bet loads of people do it (to get on apprentiship jobs). I did get good grades in my key subjects so it could be enough really...but I'm pretty sure that they'll be looking at certificates rather than if I can draw a pretty graph with a pencil and ruler.

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Nobody's going to give the slightest toss about your GCSE results if you're going for a similar job to the one you have now - they'll be a lot more interested in your actual work experience.

In my line of work you're basically fooked unless you've got 2 years commercial experience.

Having a first from cambridge might help but 10 As at GCSE won't put you ahead of somebody with 2 years experience and 5 Cs

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What grades DID you get?

Depends how bad they are. I don't think that many firms check, I don't even know the method of which they would check. I think that like the person above said, Experience and stuff post-school is really valuble.

There's a lot of things which can make you look like an excellent future employee, rather than your GCSE results.

It's pretty risky and I know that sometimes for courses and shit my mum gets asked for her GCSE / O Level whatever certificates and she's 50 and an International Manager for Wakefield College.

So dunno :$

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Lot's of things help you get a job, things like knowing first aid (haha like me!), and similar alternative atributes, you could say you have a basic understanding of mechanics (you tinkered with your bike every weekend) just a few things there lol

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