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Well, all the other bike stunt teams out there have get out clauses in their booking form for bad weather, or at least I know team extreme, MAD and Jez avery do...its standard practice...

Ashton might demo in the rain but he's not really available for hire - he promotes his sponsors wherever they require him...so he doesn't really count!!!

So as far as I'm aware we are the only riders willing to perform in all weathers, which was proved by riding demos every night for a month on a very wet and windy Welsh tour...

I did do the Great Notts Bike ride demo for a couple of years, was a decent event but a pain in then arse for me as Raleigh ordered me to go and represent them without any back up - So I had to drive from Sunderland to Nottingham Rig up / Down, ride, commentate, hand out brochures and be a Raleigh / DB rep all on my own...then drive back to Sunderland the same day, Hard graft but still a good show.

The Bikewise show in Durham is and always has been my favourite demo, it was my first ever demo back in 98 and we try and get to it every year if we aren't already booked up. If you've never heard of bikewise then just imagine James Lampkin and his mates filling an articulated trailer with obstacles from the Sheffield indoor moto trail and setting it up in your local car park!!! Its the absolute poodles plums!!!!!

Cheers, Ian

PS - JJ hurry up and come oop north already...Newcastle ride on Feb 5th looks promising????

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