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Bmx Cranks


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Would it be ok to use bmx cranks on a mod, or would it be a lot of messing around, they usualluy seem cheaper, and i can't see much of a differance, other than weight (that don't bother me).

Getting a small enough sprocket?

Tubular crank arms can dent

heavier (even with a ti axel)

They would work fine but getting a small enough sprocket will be hard. A flatland company called Quamen make a 22t.

I once improted on from the us but to make it fit properly I have to moddify it as It's mainly designed to fit one piece cranks.

When I moddified it it developed an up/down movement wich on a bike with either a mech or tensioner is fine because the mech/tensioner takes out and inperfections in it's shape. If you put a bike with a mech on upside down pedal it backwards and watch the mech you should 9 times out of 10 notice the mech move up/down a bit. This is because the chinring isn't perfectly round.

If you mod this sprocket and run it on a mod as theres no mech/tensioner you will get an extreme tight and loose spot in the chain.


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