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Photoshop : I Need A Magiciain At This


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I is it at all possible for someone to create, using photoshop ( or another programme ) this spec :

Koxx Coustellier frame (black)

Toxin forks

Orange Echo rims

Black Chris King hubs (f n r)

Echo stem

Orange Try-All bars

Tensile cranks

and then theres the little pieces that just make it complete lol..

If this is possible..can someone do it and let me know?

Wicked (Y)

im afraid tryall bars and the wrong size for a echo stem. either get a different stem(tryall?) or new bars(onza's or zoo)

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Damn, I was bored, so he's my attempt at it.

Bloody hell lol, I gotta learn to do that, well I've got a few hours to spare tonight, gives me a chance to play round a bit...

Can anyone tell me the best way to learn to use photoshop (without reading the manual :P )


Nathan :)

Could someone do me a 2005 t-pro with gold bars (tryalls to be exact) with blue rims, blue cranks, chrome forks with a front disc?

I'm stuck between all gold or mostly blue...?

Many thanks,

Don't matter is no one can be arsed...

All gold would look great - Go for it (Y)

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It's a lot simpler than you think really.

Open up two windows in photoshop, one with the original bike in and one with the component you wanna add in. The get the polygon lasso tool and draw around the component. Copy it, go to the bike page, hold down ctrl and click to move it in the right place, if its the wrong size, go back and change the size or angle so it fits.

If any of the old component sticks out, if its on a white background just paint over it white, if its not, its probably best to use the clone stamp tool I think its called.

Then when your done, use the blur tool around the new parts so it fits in better (which I forgot to do)

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