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Giacome And Gilles

Luke Williams!

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It's TMS isn't it? Thibault Marriaux's company I thought? Unless that's one and the same with MBK?

Anyhoo, I think they both had something to do with rallying. Giacomo used to rag about in some sorta Peugeot rally car a while back, and I seem to remember reading on OTN or somewhere that Gilles is now too, unless someone's got their wires crossed :P

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luke i know giacomo is still riding as i have been invited to go ride with him and ben savage at some point. fred rang to ask if would mind/like to go with ben to ride with Giacomo for a week or so at some point, i couldnt really refuse it would be a pleasure and a great experience.

i think if you try this link it will answer your questions ;) :

Giacomo Koxx Site

thats like this one:

Marc Vinco Koxx Site

and this one:

Kenny Belaey Koxx Site

and i have these, cos im special (Y):D hahahahahaha. thats why the signature models are not on the koxx website ;) as they are on those sites.


i dont know about Gilles though :( im sure he will still be doing a little bit.............maybe ?????

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i do like the "Belaey" site, tis absolute AWSUM!!!!

i was speaking to fred as i wanted to find description and geometry of the belaey and couldnt find it on the koxx site and fred mentioned to me to do a search on the riders personally. so i did and thats what it brought up, it makes sense though, even though they are sponsored by koxx its a "personal" thing for them and makes it different to everyone elses site. has their personal profile and achievements.


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