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Koxx Days :)


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Yo guys and girls.

So Koxx days is here in a few months. So i was wondering because i have herd allot of different things and don't know what is what.

What are the dates of it -Because i need to know if it is when i have my GCSE's.

Where do people sleep, camp etc...

How much money will i need. ( if you have a idea of how much lol)

Also just some info on what happens there. is it just all competitions or do we get to ride anywhere. I just wanted to get the rite dates because i have been told allot of things and well my brain is getting into a rite kafufful. So could someone post some information please. I have tried reading the other one but it turned into a whos going and cars and how they are getting there.

Much appreciated guys and girls thanks.

Beau (Y)

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