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I Need Your Oppinions...


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Right guys, i've ridden trials for a while now, and my initial bike (mission prodigy) is getting boring, so in the summer i was going to sell my mission, and get a new bike. which all seemed good until....

Which bike?

i'm on quite a small budget of around 500 pounds, so the bikes i have been looking were:

The 05 T-Mag


The 05 T-Rex.

i've ridden a stock before (a levelboss) and found it good fun, but as i've been on a mod for over a year i'd feel at home on the T-mag.

the T-mag has the front disc which i would probably end up getting on my T-rex (if i get it)

What do you guys reccomend?

cheers guys.


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it all comes down to personal preference really. If you think a mod is best for you, then go for the mod. If you think you will benefit from a stock, go for the stock. They both have their pros and cons and everyone will tell you something different.

I've found no one can choose your bike for you, so find one that suits you and go for it!

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it depends on your height. if your like 6ft i would advise you to go for a stock.

mods are probably better for shorter riders because they are less of a handfull and easier to throw about,

i am 6ft 3" and i am much happier on a stock. i get back problems on mods and short stock frames because i am too crouched up on them.

up to you, whatevere your happier with!


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im 5'11 and loving stock i prefer the gearing and im quite well built and enjoy the challenge of throwing the bike above me, (its a bit of a tank but well nice on the back wheel) but i think you should have a propper go on a stock before making a decision. After riding for a year though you should have enough info. to make your own judgements on it. personally i wouldnt enjoy a t mag or a t rex ive riddern them both and just dont like them but thats just my personal choice i think everyone loves there bike

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