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Dmr V8's Pedal Axles


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Hi, the body of my pedals are wobbly and move slightly out and in from the part that screws in to the crank arm, i'm not totally sure what the problem is here (i'm guessing it's the pedal axles) but when I ride they click. Does anyone know what this problem is and how to fix it? (Or how to tighten the axles) thanks.

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the bearings are slack, to tighten them, take off the end cap with a small flat blade screwdriver and then undo the locknut on the end of the axel with a 12mm socket (i think) when this is undone, turn the nut behind the locknut clockwise to tighten it, but just a bit, then retighten the locknut and see how tight the bearings are. adjust the tension i this way until u r happy, then replace the cap and pump the body full of grease through the grease port with a small syringe.

hope this helps


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