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Cj Ripping Sum Sales Calls Person Lol(video)


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Thats summit like what a lad in my gym does every saturday...

This man called mike, he gets yellow pages, and finds lots of places which would be cool to ring up n do a prank phone call on.

Today it was funny as f**k! he rang up a gym and put on a paki voice, and went, "helo, i would like to order a member ship you?, could u please put my name down as the membership? im from pakistan, you can tell cant you haha, any ways, could you put my name down?" the women said, "il get the manager to ring you back in 30 mins", he said, "I dont like this one bit, its not good, anyways, heres my number (gave a lads phone number which was in the gym lmao) and my name is Barrechk, lmao, i burst out laughin at the way he said it, he then said, "barreckh is like your barry you? its popular, and yes you know? you?"

Haha, it was funny as f**k at the time!

We recorded it on phone, but my mate cant find his dongle to get it onto his pc :(

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