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Rear Xtr Or Rear Maggie?

Trials Boy

What would work better?  

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  1. 1. What would work better?

    • XTR Rear V Brake, XT Lever, Heatsink Pads, Odyssey Linear Cable
    • Rear 04.05 Maggie With Heatsink Pads And Everything Else Normal

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XTR = poo if yoru going huge get a maggie an stick with it just bleed it with water an stop being a mongy pussy about pointless shit

there was no need for that was there and i'm not being a "mongy pussy" i was just asking what people thought of V brakes, bloody hell!!!

How come everyone else post politely and then you come along and reuin it? >_<(N)

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if your ridin big trials get a maggie.

" " " streeet get an XTR

Well i can backwheel around 2 foot and drop around 4 foot, but will be getting bigger as i am getting better lately.

i do do street not natural, like drops, gaps, 180's etc..

I'm getting a Vee defianatly now as there easy to set up!

Can someone tell me the best set up with an XTR lever?


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i did a null vote for this reason;

i have a maggie and i love it but it truley depends on the bleed and the pads

have had a vee on the rear with shit pads and poor quality calipers but most people run maggys and i think there is a good reason - there great - but a perfect vee set up is as good as a perfect maggie set up for sure!

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cant be bothered to keep bleeding it when it freezes

But the winter will be over soon!

I bled my brakes with water, and they have lastest throughout the winter outside in the cold fine. They only froze once, and that was when i was actually riding the bike! But even that was only because I went down a hill fast with an icy-cold wind against me.

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Best set up you can get is:

Avid ultimate clipers

XTR lever

Nokon housing

Plaz crv's or heatsinks

That set up is beasty, I was runnign it but with Heatsink pads and Linear slic cable and it was one beasty brake.

But know i've gone back to a magura as v's were getting on my nerves with cable stretch and just general shit.

But if you set them up well enough they will work ace, and when i say set them up well i meen spending like 3 hours setting them up, well i did and i got them so nice it felt like there was no cable.

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XTR's are good, and so two are maggies, I have no experience with any different pads with either, but I have ran them both, if I were you I would get an xtr but with an xtr lever (Y)

Get an xtr especially if your going to have to run evo mounts for a maggie (Y)

Nathan (Y)

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But the winter will be over soon!

I bled my brakes with water, and they have lastest throughout the winter outside in the cold fine. They only froze once, and that was when i was actually riding the bike! But even that was only because I went down a hill fast with an icy-cold wind against me.

Winter will be over soon! Its just started snowing! :o

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I prefer V brakes over maggies especially if you have v brake mounts. Easier to setup and if setup right they can be plenty powerful, I mean just look at Felix he goes pretty big using V brakes. Don't get XTR because they have parallel push and all the linkages become loose overtime making the brake feel poo. Same with the avid arch rival. Stick with the 'normal' calipers like SD5, SD7, Deore, New LX, Ultimate. If you have the money than get ultimates because they really are the best. But if not its more important to buy good levers and good housing.

For pads the Heatsink whites are sweet as. I recommend getting pads with metal backing because they make the brake alot stiffer. The plazmatic's are good too but the heatsink out performs it in the wet and in dusty conditions. Stay away from spanish fly's mine were poor.

Levers, your on the right track already, XTR is really good and so are XT's, XTR's last longer apparantly. i prefer the feel of shimano levers over the avids because they have a thinner blade. Having said that the avid ultimate lever has a different blade and feels really good too. But I would just get XTR's because they are cheaper.

Housing, i've never tried nokon but linear slic's are awsome, really makes the brake alot stiffer, I've been using it for about 6 months now and haven't noticed any sponginess.

Right now I run SD5 calipers, XT lever, linear slic's and Heatsink whites without a grind. The power was much better than my maggie with plazmatic pads and yes I did set them up right. I would run maggies only on 4 bolt mounts.

Oh and get a booster. hope i helped

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all the people who say run xtr........actually try 1 and get back to me ;) they are wank in comparison to most

i run v brakes, and haver tried many different combos-alot of you seem to not have....hence dismissing v brakes altogther for the majority

for the arms, avid ultimate all the way, especially since they are only 50quid now, but if you are on a budget, sd7s still kick some bum, offering similair levels of power, with a loss in smoothness due to no cartridge bearings-but its a very minor difference-keep away from anything parrallel push

as for levers, xtrs are very good and affordble, i personally would not recomend xts, as they are only marginally cheaper, and far less comfy, ultimates however, as the name suggests, are frickin ultimate........i love mine :)

cables, well there is only 2 choices, oddyssey linear slick or nokon, both offer ultra stiff housing which then adds to a stiffer brake, keep away from shimano and avid cables, they arent any better than cheapy cables in my experience

pads are a tricky one, i seem to be the only person who hasnt had any luck with heatsink pads....none of mine have ever worked well, the whites infact have left alot to be desired.....my plaz pads however-they are immense :) crvs or spanish flies-both have been amazing, with the usual decline in power in the wet as with the magura versions-get some heatsink backings and you can run your favourite magura pad in there-sorted :) im now working on getting some rimjam red material in some backings-kcik ass brake :blink:

boosters arent generally necessary i have found, a good cheap buy seems to be this crc brand x carbon booster, im yet to try 1, so i cant say it will be good, but i cant see it being awful either, at that price you cant grumble :) xtr boosters kick arse for sure :) i really liked mine and it seemed to make a marginal difference

a few pointers: run full outer cables, it makes a huge difference to the smoothness of the brake, keep the cables clean, and well lubes(however i must admit i rarely lube my cables unless im changing them), set up the brake so that when the brake is fully on, the pad mounts are parrallel-this gives optimum power. its more than likely you will want a slimmer rim than that you would usually run with a magura because of this, then again, i can justify running any othr rim other than a d521, cos they kick arse and last ages :)

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