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I hate posts like this so apologies in advance.....

Currently my t-poo has standard bars n stem & some t-mag forks. There's nothing wrong with any of them but I'm feeling the urge to spend money and it's either bike bits or drugs.

sooo - forks ?

why are the zoo ones 20quid cheaper than the echo and Gu ones?

is it worth spending the extra 30-40 quid for the fancy CNC bits over getting echo easys ?

stem - ill get a t-master

bars - I'm torn between echo toughs and zoo risers, im getting slightly stiff wrists on my current setup - would getting the risers reduce it ?


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When regarding the forks I would think it better to get zoos, no need for the fancy cnc stuff, plus they don't snap like the echo lite/easy forks. I really like zoo risers, but I also like the feel of my flat bars, but they extra width does feel good, so I guess your gonna have to figure it out.

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dont be put off by the echo the reason they snap was the support only went 5cm ish up the steerer... on the new ones it goes all the way.

but for the sake of it here's what happens to the old ones:

IPB Image

snaped just by the top cup of the headset. scarier still is the same thing had happened to a mates 3 months before

IPB Image

honest though the new one (i'm getting on warrenty) are meant to be far stronger :lol:

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