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How To Format A Computer?


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If i do that will i have to re-install drivers and stuff?


When you format it wipes everything from your computer, drivers and all.

If you have the disks which came with the computer, the drivers will be on them. You've probably got a 'restore' disk, in which case put it in the cd drive, press restart and follow the steps - very simple should take 1 or 2 hours.

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Defragging doesn't tend to do much in this day and age of fast computers apparantly.

it doesn't make as big a difference as when hard drives were comparatively slow, but due to everyone being used to faster computers these days, it does still make a noticeable difference. It's recommended that you defrag about once a week to keep everything ship shape and in order, it's doing small things like that regularly that keeps you from having to format every 6 months.

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