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Haha i only figured this out the other night..Make a folder with the pictures you want on your ipod...Then go into itunes, right click On your ipod on the left hand side...i pod options....then photos.....Then tick the box wehere it says 'syncronise photos from' And select the folder (Y) Then when you click ok they should upload onto it :)



Any other problems add me to msn or something :)

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Plug your ipod into the computer, go into i-tunes and double-click on the icon on the left where a picture of an ipod should come up.When a new window opens up, in the bottom right of the window there is another icon which when you hold the mouse over it should say "display ipod options". Click on this.

Then its pretty simple, just go to the "photo" section, and select a folder with the pics in or whatever than you would like the ipod to be synced to.


Nyarrr, beaten to it.

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