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My Computer Keeps Randomley Restarting, Anyone Got A Clue Why?

mat hudson

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hey guys and guyetts. got a problem with the family pc, it keeps turning itself off and restarting for no reason whatsoever ( a few of you guys playing lfs may have noticed ther game ending instantley whn im hosting) i have an inkling it might be to do with lack of cooling, but im not sure, assistance appriciated.


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Those temps seem fine! very odd.

My new system kept rebooting when i over clocked it, even though it was only a slight over clock and the temps were still fairly low (about 40 degrees). I put it back to factory settings (fast enough) and its been stable, wierd.

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Could be so many things;

- Virus

- Bad Ram (sector causing it to crash)

- Bad Power Supply (underpowering causing shutdown)

- Loose Connections inside the case (causing random power outs)

By the sounds of it you're cooling is fine, so i'd work my way through the above.

If all else fails, format.

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