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bought my first copy of MBUK in ages last week, read it in about an hour then spent the next 3 days staring in awe at some of the pics, injuries that make you want to spit chunks, some quality riding pics, and some lovely ladies bits :lol:

so any of you guys make it on, or do u know any one who got on in? would be intersting to put a face to the guy with the missing section of arm


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Newest one, the one with the cunting huge A1 sized poster :P

Gotta love that sketchy-as-f**k landing on the first 360 on the poster :rolleyes: Three cheers for long travel full sussers and DHers and freeriders complete lack of style :P

Anyways, there are some weird pics there.

Talking of not getting prizes - I got star letter in Ride ages ago and didn't receive a single thing :angry:

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