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Taunton And Plymouth

Rich Pearson

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Right, its my 19th birthday on friday 3rd of February which isn't entirely important, just having a gathering round my place which a few people already know about. On Saturday there sould be a pretty chilled out ride going on in Taunton to which all are welcome to join (just don't expect me, steve or Rob to be doing anything involving any kind of co-ordination...) Then on Sunday the plan is to head on down for a ride in Plymouth which apparently Prawn is going to emerge for, so should be a good day.

Will figure out where + when to meet when I've talked to Prawn and the others.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to come on either ride so get yerselves down here for a kick ass weekend. (Y)


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No can do im afriad :(

Ted why u gotta be so negative!

Rite if im honest rich,im very short of money as im saving for koxx days, so i dont think im going to be able to make it up for ur nite out or the saturday ride in taunton, witch is a big shame as i really wanted to come!

But on the bright side, i no i can defo get to plymouth on the sunday!

So pegs looks like u can come with me, if u still want to?



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Er... Ive never been before, where we meeting?
Dont worry Fred, I have never been either, we will be fine!

Just ring Prawn as we come into Plymouth and do some "drive by directions":

e.g. "Just going past a macdonalds on the left, going through some traffic lights, boozer called the rose and crown on the right, there is a right signposted to prawns mums house coming up, where am i? Where do I go next?...." :lol:

Works every time :-

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Good morning.......

I have the monster of all hangovers so I'm about to go out for a few more drinks just to sober up, but tomorrow is definately on.

Tic and Fred: Do you guys want to meet me in Exeter (I imagine you're gonna do the A303 and then get on the M5 at Exeter?) or Taunton and we can convoy it down as I know where we're going.

I'm guessing the best place to park is on he Hoe where we were last time, then everyone meet at Copthorn or on the Hoe at about 11? I'm easy.....

See y'all tomorrow. (Y)


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make it a proper plymouth ride lads! that means civic centre at 11am sharpish :D parking in the civic multi story!

for those that may be interested...... ill be bringing an assorted selection of plaz pads with me to sell :P 22 sets of CRM's and 8 sets of V-flys if anyones interested and needs new pads cheap :D

£12 a set, see you all in the morning :D

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