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Bmx Brake Pads


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need some new pads for my bmx soon and i was thiking of getting some trials ones to see what they are like. so.................

its either plaz(yellow ones) or spanish fly (see through wet ones) :ermm:

which to chose?? :S

or are there any other decent v pads that will fit in a bmx u brake like zoo! pads if they do v pads?? :ermm:

steve. (Y)

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i used to ride for plaz, ridin the spanish fly's. They are awesome pads. f**king top (Y)

But i now ride for heatsink. I am ridin the heatsink V's. don't go of on one saying "oh of course he would say to buy them if he rides for them"

I'll be honest, heatsink don't have anymore power than plaz. I have never said they do. BUT they have about exactly the same power i'd say as plaz, with the benefit of having a metal backing which makes the pad a lot stiffer. Plaz are squidgy.

I'd go with the heatsinks as you have equal power as the plaz, with the added stiffness. (Y)


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