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Opinions On Mavic 719...

Street Lee

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Bought a pair of Mavic 719's off the Bay and only just realised after talking to Tom, how thin they are! Got a 2.5 High roller on the back, coming from DM24's am I going to notice shitloads of fold in the tyres when I spin/pivot? If so there's no point me building them up and I'll have to look for something bigger for the back. Although saying that my back tyres f**ked so could go slightly thinner (2.3 Factory DH). Must say the weight and asthetics are pretty pleasing though!

HELP! :blink:

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I run a D521 up front, but when I had one on the back I had to do a pad bodge to even make the pads touch the rim (on a zoo pitbull 05 frame) so I got an old echo and the problem was soon sorted...

Nathan :)

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