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Free Sixteh Mayy!

John planet x

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Title is how you english people pronounce it :) if you wondered.

Anyway, was just wondering who actually has the 360 and xbox live, more importantly dead or alive 4 or PGR.

DOA4 is class on live!

Post your user names here so we can meet up and bate each other over the head with fists!

my user is: qualeheh

My we bro is on it alot, so if you start talkin to a we young lad its him.

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yeah, tre expensive as well. <_<

What's pissing me off is how they are comparing the 360 to the dreamcast. i.e like the dreamcast they reckon the 360 is too "next gen" for the current market and it's not next gen enough i.e the graphics on some games aren't v. good, like the new tony hawks.

I have an xbox myself and there is still a fair bit of power left in the old dog, especially half life 2, so i'm not upgrading just yet. Just woder whether the p3s is making the right move by releasing after the 360 so the market has had time to adapt.


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just need some new games dude that you love :) some cracking titles coming out, really cant wait for morrowind: elder scrolls 4

Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion actually :P and yea thats the only game I wanted on launch then it got delayed till March '06 :( I was really happy with PGR3, PDZ's single player sucked balls a little bit but the online play is quite fun so I've kept it :) RR6 is what Im currently playing, great fun and a change from all the other racers out there.. Im also tempted to buy Geometery Wars: Retro Evolved from the Live Arcade its damn fun in the PGR3 preview bit, love to get some achievements in the real game (Y)


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