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Mini Perch Snapped


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I snapped the mini perch off my Saracen today. Since I never use it I dont really want to replace it but I will have a nice bit of seat tube sticking out just waiting to eat me.

For those who have removed their seats and had a similar situation what have you done? Is there a bung or a neoprene pad that is available?

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A modified ODI Ruffian bar end kept my scrote intact for the week i thought it might be cool to run no seat on my Giant.

Your common or garden cork could also work well.

Anything like that should work.

Or go ghetto with the good ol' pipe lagging.

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With my hella old school T-Bird, I just cut the seat-tube down so it was flush with the top-tube/seat-stays, and filed it smooth. Not really a problem then, unless I was riding naked, and somehow got my testes caught in there or something?

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