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What Brake Pads Should I Go For


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I'm using Plazmatics at the moment, with a light grind, and RB booster, which is working really well (Y)

I have only recently ground my rim, but on a smooth rim they worked well too, only ever slipping on edges occasionally, but with a grind, they just dont budge, I was really impressed, and they just dont seem to wear! Loads of people warn that a grind will eat through pads, but Plazmatics get A* from me any day.

A booster is a must have too, otherwise you loose power as your frame will just bend out under braking, just be carefull when screwing in bolts, so easy to crossthread in aluminium with titanium bolts, so hard to fix (had to drill, rethread and helicoil mine >_< )

Alun :turned:

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