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Geography Coursework.


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Hey guys.

I have an oral exam in Geography on Tuesday and I'm stuck on a question I have to answer. It's probably really easy to answer but my mind's gone blank. :$

The question is:

"How has the destruction of the rainforest contributed to the Greenhouse Effect?"

I've searched Google but not had much luck.

Cheers for any help. :)

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The trees are burnt to provide enegy, which adds to it.

Trees take in carbon dioxide, and release ooxygen

The trees that are flattened are often eplaced by industry or cities, which all add to pollution and the greenhouse effect

Thats all I can think of atm, not heard of oral exams in geography!

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the destruction of the rainforest contributes because trees convert the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere into oxygen, you take away the trees and the co2 stays in the atmosphere with all the exhaust fumes and forms a blanket over the earth that lets the suns rays in but wont let them out again (like a greenhouse)


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use key words like...........


Multinational corporations - money grabbin destroy rainforests

area the size of wales.

the answer is straight forward enough but if the exam is oral then u should try and get the key words in to make it sounds even better. examiners like to hear technical terms, helps make u sound better and will bring ur grade up.

increasing world pop placing strain on rainforest, deforestation removes the "lungs of the earth" and reduces the capacity to cope with the excess co2

just a thought but the question could be asking u to compare the effects of deforestation other causes of global warming, eg industrialisation and the growing autopolis nature of urbanisation. dont know how relavent this line of discussion would be

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Also I remeber something about the farming being pretty important - deforestation and intense farming meaning soils lose all their nutrients, making it impossible for trees to grow there again any time soon, i.e. problem escalates really quickly.

Good luck (Y)

yep that would compound the problem, process known as desertification

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