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Other Names For Chavs


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so what are the other names for them, 'chav' is getting a little bit old now. I have the word Derro for them i think it is austrailian.

yeh am an aussie and i'd call them derro. Or maybe "aboriginal" would be better for it :P sorry thats racist

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would seem that alot of you dont really know what Pikies are.

They are travelers, who have no real home, that go around the country, setting up camp where-ever they feel, and stealing/robbing/breaking/beating everything/one in the area and moving on befoer they are caught.

back on subjest, chavs, townies, Barry boys

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yeah its just chav around the good old midlands. or pikey even though the term is used out of context slightly.

But like everyone elses "technical" terms we include, faggot, wanker etc etc :) depends on the mood.

(don't ban me)

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