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Time For A New Bb


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not a very useful reply there like,

my top three choices would be

1. Truvativ Gigapipe DH - strong, lasts for a long time, although is £50 and requires truvativ tool to fit....which is £12 - www.wiggle.co.uk

2. Echo 2006 BB - Lighter than gigapipe and seems as strong, longevity is yet to be seen, but is £57 Also requires special tool. Which i £10 - www.tartybikes.co.uk

3. FSA Platinum BB - Lighter than truvativ, not as strong, but about half the price, and uses standard shimano fitting tool (also compatible with race face and most other BB's) - www.tartybikes.co.uk

I have run all three and currently the ECHO bb is my favourite, although if you go to bash or slip to bash/bb shell alot you may bang it which could lead to premature failure.

thats my two pence

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Try-all BB is a very similar BB to the truvativ BB except truvativ has a differnt tool required, the Try-all BB is standard shimano fitting. Thus the tool will be more readily available or you will already have one.

Other than that they are pretty much the same BB (IMO).

and for the money i would rather pay for the truvativ, but remember to get the GIGAPIPE DH version, although if you go to tartybikes or similar shop then you will get a try-all bb easily.

another 2p

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