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A quick reminder to everyone that the deadline for photo comp entries is midnight tonight! No extensions.

To submit, PM them to me with the details asked for below.

Rules repost:

There will be two categories; action and non-action.

Action will be as it says. This is for the shots of riders going for moves. Images should have a punch, and an impact to them, demonstrating in a single photograph how great trials riding can be.

Non-action is for anything else. Pictures that show non-riding aspects of trials, from still life of a bashring, the people of trials, or the damage which ensues.

Editing is free, anything goes.

There will be a maximum pixel dimension for the longest edge of the picture of 1024 pixels.

Images must be of a suitable quality. That doesn't mean super-high pixel cameras and pro lenses, just that it musn't be rubbish. For the web, a 2 megapixel camera phone may just squeek in, but video captures are right out. Given the potential high quality of entries, this must be considered.

Judging will be by poll as per video competitions of old. Users should consider quality of the image (including the technical 'correctness' of the exposure, etc..), the composition, and the impact of the image. The shot can be of a big or small move (for the action category) but big riding tends to have more impact.

There will be a second award based on votes via PM to me for 'competitors choice' which will be the best action, and best non-action shots as voted for by the other people who enter the competition. Details will be sent around to those who enter after the closing date.

Images can be from any time, not ones captured specifically for this competition.

Oh, and you have to have taken the image you submit.

Entries sent to me by *31/01/06*, where I will put up a series of topics with a poll in each. Winner goes through. Details with each image must include a name for the image and your real and TF name. Any extra details will be posted alongside the image.

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