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Bmx Help:odyssey Hazard Cassete Hub?


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Hello everyone,

Didnt get my wheel long ago and its hardly been used but im have trouble with the driver. Its gone really tight and dont seem to run smoothly. And the Nut that holds the driver on seems to be doing it. As soon as it gets a little tight the driver seizes but if i leave it loose the wheel rocks side to side when the wheel is on and tightened :S.

Seems like the cones are really sensitive and if there slightly tightened the driver near enough seizes.

Does it need some grease if so where?

Please Help!

Thanks Peter

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It sounds like you are missong a spacer in between either the 2 driver bearings, or inbetween the driver and the hubshell inside, where the hub bearing makes contact with the inside face of the driver.

The spacers are paper thin metal washers, but they make it work. úber important.

I'd head to a bmx shop and have a talk witht hem, maybe have a look in a new one they have. Just talk to em and they should sort you. Its a tough one on here as nobody has the hub to look at except you innit.

thats what normally is the problem with these symptoms though.


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