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Disc Rotor And Pad Cleansing

Mr Motivator

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I had the front end of my bike hanging out of my car window driving back home in heavy rain and I didn't dry my bike when I got back. This resulted in rust everywhere, my BB has a little more that just surface rust too which is wierd, anyway, my brake hasn't stopped honking for about 2 months, and no matter how much I ride it, it won't stop honking. I may try throwing dust all over it, but I doubt it'll work soo..

How do I go about cleaning my rotot and pads in the best possible way? What ways have you done it, and what has been most successfull?

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Give it a go with the hot water, as suggested then get a fair bit of clean water wet the disk and pads and ride along, don't drag the brake give it short sharp bursts, repeat this process and you should feel the brake get better. Dont be too alarmed if it seems to get worse, keep going and it should get better.


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I got a new foam dish scrubber (with the abrasive and soft sides on it) and put a little bit of washing up liquid on it, i then soaked it in warm water and cleaned the rotor with it. then dried it with a clean cloth.

I turned the gas ring on and held my pads in the flame for a few minutes, they start smoking and go black and sometimes set on fire as well, then i stuck them into a pan of boiling water (you'll know its hot enough when the pads start jumping around in the pan). I took them out the pan and dried them off on another clean towel and then put them back on my brake.

Bed it in as normal slightly holding the brake on as you ride then pour cold water onto the disc after its been held on for a while to get warm. After all this hard work you should be rewarded like i was with a brake that performs much better than it did before.

dont boil the pads. unless it doesn't require magnetism to stay in place

I don't think boiling pads changes the magnetism in them at all. I don't even think thats possible, mine were certainly fine. Maybe you did something else to them.

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