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My Saracen 2.6 "gtr"


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Haven't got a weight yet, I just finished building it like 10mins before i put it on pinkbike. Any way if it does turn out to be heavy its ok I was a dirt jumper and 26" street rider before trials so i'm used to chucking round not the lightest of rigs. Not bothering with a grind on the rims because the rims are next to be replaced. Onza hog with a hope XC on the front, Onza ronnie dont know what hub yet on the back. (new wheels will help weight, i think im going to become obsessed with weight now I think some carbon bars are in order soon (Y) )

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Ok I just weighed it. So (voice like a boxing introducer)

"Ladies and gentlemen, Boys and Girls making his way to the ring weighing in at 27.9lbs my bike"

Any way its weighs 27.9lbs, sorry i had to do the boxing thing, it was too hard to resist, well looking at other stock weights its not bad.

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Nice bike, looks good to start on, theres a few things i would change mind you, i would deffo say get a grind and a nice pair of pads, also take a link or 2 out of you chain keep it looking tidy.

You might also wish to think about changing to a v-brake on the front, it looks nicer and the bikes i have been on works better as well.

Looks good iam sure i will see you at some of the local rides.

Have fun

Good luck


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