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Roam Trailer


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The Collective are making a sequal to their first bike film, it is going to be called 'ROAM'.

Go to the site linked above and watch the new ROAM trailer. Its sickening, the camera work is outstanding and its just an awsome trailer.

While your at it, if you havent already seen The Collective's first bike film watch the trailer for that aswell, if you like the trailer buy the DVD, you wont be disapointed!

I will be purchasing ROAM as soon as it is available :)

DISCLAIMER - Narrow minded people avoid, the ROAM trailer has no trials and The Collective trailer only has a tiny clip of Ryan Leech. Both films are primarily freeride riding although Ryan Leech has a great section in The Collective and looking at the rider line up it looks like he will feature in ROAM aswell...

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Shows the ultimate in cinematography for MTB videos, I imagine the budget is not as big as you think, but the collective (which i own) certainly is the BEST mtb video available to purchase, but by the looks of things its about to change and they will surpass themselves. My hope is that they include ryan leech again cos his section was inspiring, very good, very technical.

If you buy one non-trials dvd, buy roam or the collective, or just buy two and get both, they will be excellent, and its good music choice as well.



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man that dvd is beautiful. Kinda reminds me of the effort they went to in the Girl yeah right skate dvd.

Awesome. :o


I agree! This new release really is pushing film making to the next high. 16mm gear is so expensive, probably why the budgest are what they are! I love these guys for what they are doing for the MTB community.


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taken from the web site :


andrew shandro, wade simmons, thomas vanderham, cam mccaul, darren berrecloth, ryder kasprick, geoff gulevich, matt hunter, tyler klassen, RYAN LEECH , jordie lunn, tyler morland, steve peat, nathan rennie, steve romaniuk

god i want this dvd :lol:

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