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What The Best Way To Get To This Shell Place?

zulu boy

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Get off at Waterloo Station, head for the london eye, the shell area's right opposite it. funny you started the topic about the london ride and you dont know how to get there lol :-:-:- no offence mate


Im laughing my ass off! :D

your a funny guy, well i did posted it, but it was serposted to be in kent somwhere ive never riden london before, but really want to!!!yay! :D

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Route map it man, gives option of car or on foot so you can go on both accounts being on a bike!!!

Get people on your msn who are going or have been before. it;s a godsend.

Risk it all and go out on a limbe

Oh and maybe google map it too


thanks man, well my mates have been before so they can show me

thanks boio


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look on the horizion theres a huge landmark the london eye lol thats easy :-lol should be plently of people there to help you out lol

and i pay £4 for a childs ticket :- from benfeet its a weekend so rates may be different but £8 for a adults ticket

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