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Whats The Best Wide Rim?

Jonny Jones

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Ah.... Mr jones.

i take it your wanting something without holes in it judging by the '' not interested in viz etc'' comment??!

An Alex DX32 may do the trick or a planet-x BMF are wicked and bombproof when i used em, not sure where youd get hold of one though, maybe chain reaction cycles.

If you dont mind the holes, my onza hog badbaoy is holding up well after some heavy abuse (well i keep calling it fat and it hasn't buckled)

hope this helps old chap. must have a ride soon. peace out :D(Y)

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does BMF stand for BigMotherf**ker?

Yes it does. B)

I would say maybe go with the mbf, but i managed to bomb mine out a fair few times, and it gained a couple of dents (15 or so), my ronnie is exactly the same width and only has one small dent at the minute.

i would say go with the ronnie but its up to you.

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I'm guessing that it's for you Jonny, and I doubt you'll want a drilled rim, so.. Either an Alex DX32 which br3n might be able to sort you out with, actually my friend has a 36h black uneyeleted one that's sat in his shed doing nowt, OR an undrilled Onza Ronnie as they come in 32h and 36h and are a nice 38mm wide (I think :S) and eyeleted.

I'd go for the Ronnie from personal experience, just specify undrilled when you order :)

edit: The Sun Doublewide is quite a beast and rather heavy and pretty expensive. Prawn has one drilled which he's using a rim brake on which works fine but he was saying how flexy it was compared to his D521.

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Try a tioga Jonny, £25 CRC, go in your leeson a treat.

35mm wide.

Works with Rim brakes.

Dont have a Leeson anymore, first post says its for an Ashton :P

Tioga do suck, Gav Bedford destroyed his in Bristol at the weekend.

Im just gonna see how the D521 fits and then go from there.



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get a 36h dx32 and be happy. they're great rims, really underrated. everyone will run them in the summer of '06 when they finally realized they were THE trials rim.

You have problie underestimated the fags that will run crappy rims because they come in colours that will match there bikes scheam :) .


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I agree with Janson on this, I have had DX32's on the rear before and LOVED them they are awsome rims, they hold grinds well and are bloody strong, mine were drilled out to 22mm on the rear and 25mm on the front and never realy had a problem with them if u can get hold of one i would get it!!!

Failing that an onza ronnie would surfice, very good rear rims, hold grinds well but imo because of the high sidewall they do dent slightly easier than other rims.......


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Sun Doublewide!! (Y):) just dont grind as much as i have :unsure: because the sidewalls are hollow.

f**king sick strong :D:S oh yer and dont drill it better undrilled (Y)

chainreaction is the place to get em.

although some dont like it becos of the weight. :ermm::closedeyes: it all about strength with this rim baby 1.175kg mine weights. :o:) you know it makes sense

if you dont fancy that try getting hold of either:

undrilled ronnie


undrilled hog

had a ronnie, and its ACTUALLY bombproof!

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