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Whats Your Favorite Riding Terrain?(survey)

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I try to only ride natural, street is ok and fun don't get me wrong, but natural is so much harder and requires you to think more about what your doing than going from straight edge to straight edge

I wouldn't say either is harder than the other, because your riding is as hard as you push yourself, but I do enjoy natural much more than street and tend to try and avoid the latter if I can.

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Its all about the Street for me. Maybe its jsut because I live in quite an urban area. I could make the effort to ride into the countryside but I dont saee it being worth it with the riding available around me. But infact after about another month of intense riding im gonna go to a naturall riding club in Southhampton - should be fun :)


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I rode street for about 2 years of my riding career and then i eventually decided to go to a competition, i did not enter but i met alot of riders there which was good, but there i was thinking meh there is none of the usual stuff i do here, so i went for a play on the rocks and tried to entertain myself, well it soon bloody worked, i felt right at home trying my gaps up to front wheel, my hooks and the rest of it and decided that natural was not all that bad, that was backgown quarry i went to, i would like to go more of the british rounds, need to get in touch with rob poyser first, he is my transport.


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