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Wats The Best Way To Spray your Frame


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I have just sprayed my frame (1st time and it turned out pretty good)

I nitromorsed the paint off (evil!!! stuff I love it!!!)

I hung the frame up in my back garden on the washing line by putting a shoelace down the seat tube, into the BB tube clipped on a peg, wrapped & tied the shoelace and it was ready to spray.

I brought some grey prima from Halfords and some very fine grade wet an dry sand paper from BnQ,

Rough the frame up a bit with sand paper (helps the prima stick)

Then held the can 6inchs from the frame and in short burst run moved the can in a rocking motion.

(E.g. push spray & slide -----------> stop spraying, push spray & slide<---------- stop spraying ECT.)

The paint shouldn’t be thick on the frame.

NOTE!!! Lots of light coats, NOT!!!! 1 big thick coat.

I gave the paint a quick rub down between the coats to help the next coat stick.

Then it’s just down to your design using the same technique.

I put down a burgundy undercoat cut out some stencils using sticky back plastic, stuck them on, and then sprayed a pearl white top coat. Let it dry for about a week then pealed off the stickers leaving the burgundy to shine on through. Looks pretty sh*t hot

I sprayed my mates bike in a camo look using 3 colors and just randomly spraying spots on (looks better then mine :( that turn out good then we just stuck stickers on top of that.

The one thing I didn’t do was the lacquer I took that to a little place near where I live who is lacquering it as we speak :)))) with some crazy hard nutter... airplane lacquer stuff. (£20)

(I did lacquer my forks using shop lacquer, looked good but is still soft after about a month and chipped)

ill post a pic once it comes back from shop. oooooooh this sat!!!!!

well that was my 1st experience and learnings of spraying a bike hope it helps.

p.s. if you spray to heavny and the paint runs. dab it off, let it dry fully! then wet and dry it smooth.

and make sure there is no dust or hairs before your spray as the show up big time!

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Might I add...

When the frame is sanded, clean it from dust!

And also, don't use any sprays with silicon in them (namely plegde ect) as the silicon will stick to the frame and you won't even notice it until the paint starts bubbling up!

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