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What Cars Have You Driven?


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I know it seems a bit silly but I've only ever driven 5 cars:

Citroen C4 - absolutly horrid interior but thank god I was only repositioning my dads car

Rover 218 coupe - Mates car, Nice car, has the vvc engine for the added boost but nearly needed bricks on my feet to reach the pedals

Citroen saxo 1.1 - my current car. Doesn't have much go, but nice and nippy + maneouvrable

Renault clio - Learnt to drive in, quite ugly, quite slow but it was an instructors car so...

But the reason I posted this is because my mum asked my to move the landrover and oh my god I sooo want to get insured on it (through the roof I know) Even though it was a diesel everything felt so light and smooth. The clutch pedal doesn't move 1.5 feet like in the saxo which I really like, power steering (im not used to) ofcourse it had the power too to just forget about the accelerator and move it using the tickover of the engine and the clutch

wow I loved it! :wub:

So yeah post your driving experiances and your favourite :D

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My Mini - VERY fun little car.

Civic Type R - sisters car, scared the living shit out of me.

Vauxhall Combo 1.7td - Dads work van, quite a fast van.

Vauxhall Astra 1.7td - Phenominally quick for a van when the turbo kicks in.

Citreon Saxo sx 1.1i - Not a bad little car, clutch felt horrible to me thou.

Range Rover Vouge SE - Dads old car, was easy to drive being automatic

Renault Clio 1.4d - Instructors Car

" " sport - Friends car, reversed it on my drive as she couldnt do it, Felt nice and easy to just drive.

Pegeout 206 - Same as last reason, again, felt a nice car to just drive.

Vauxhall Omega cd estate 2.5 - was automatic again, and just drove nicely, was the family's old car.

Chrysler PT cruiser touring, 16v 2 litre - Was a blloody fast car, drank petrol when you hammer it but it went like stink.

Thats it I think most areour family's cars, but it was fun to have a little drive in them all.

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Skoda Felicia :P - easy to drive

MGA 1600 - superb car, feels like a trials bike with a 200e.p. hub, thin grips and hard tyres, allows you to feel the road perfectly

911 Turbo - awful gearbox, too much power, grotty interior

Fiat Siena - sloppy

Honda CRX - very difficult clutch, lovely engine sound especially at very high revs, good to drive

Like most: Honda or MG, can't say. Probably the Honda if it had it's clutch adjusted.

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1.1 saxo, 92 mini cooper s, mk2 golf gti, mum's standard mk2 swift gti, dads not very standard at all hill climb mk2 swift gti, audi a4 s-line estate, (off-road) ex peter solberg subaru impreza wrx and an old carlos sainz escort wrc (the white and orange one with the whale tail. didnt even try to ge tthe last two over 70, love the fact my dad knows some good people with very nice cars!!


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Ford Focus 1.6 zetecNew-Driving Instructors

Ford Focus again 1.6 zetec :S Old-Bros curtesy car

Mitsubishi L200 2.5td Warrior-X Gf's dads

Nissan Cabster 2td (i think)-As above

Audi TT 3.2T Quattro-INSANELY QUICK!

VW Polo 1.2e-X gf's car

Astra Van old old version mk3? bucks old un

x2 Astra Van 1.7td-wayne n bucks

Range Rover, cant remember which-mates dads

Peugeot 106-bros mate

Audi A4 2006 2.0 TDI-mates dads

Pegueot 206 1.4 hdi-test drive

Hyundai Trajet-dads

Fiat Cinqecento Sporting bros old

Ford Fiesta 1.6 zetec-old work mates

Rover 25-1.8 bros old car

Vauxhall Astra 1.6 SXI-Bros car

EDIT: nissa serena-dads old old old old... car? haha! (ta joe)


Bobcat digger thing

Dumper truck(small)

THINK thats it. I willl edit if i remember more :P


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Aww i havent driven that many..

Land rover discovery td5 Auto

Land rover discovery td5 Manual

Honda civic 03 1.6

Honda CRX 1996

Hyundai coupe 2.0 gen 3

Volvo police jobby.. tuned T5 as far as we know since it has no badges on it to say what it is and engine looks total diff

Ford transit! boo yaa loved it

Fiesta old skool one

OMGZORZ nearly forgot the 2 cars i drove whilst my coupe was being fixed:

hyundai getz (literally the best car i have ever driven!!!!!!),

hyundai Accent (2nd best car i have ever driven!!!!) .. The most fun i have ever had in 2 cars in my life...

Reasons to buy one: engine in both sounds like absalute f**king monsters and i think they are only 1.6 at best.. not even that.. prolly 1L .. but my god.. the sound!. The steering is the lightest i have ever ever ever felt, the clutch is literally like a feather its f**king sex piss... the accelerator is so sensitive i couldnt drive the car out the garage to start with due to redlining it. I want one sooo bad.. they look so wank but they are literally amazing. If you ever get bored go take one for a test drive.. either of them.. both are great.

Ford Tractor (Y)(Y)(Y)

JCB (Y)(Y)(Y) shit loads of bloody fun

Bulldozer - i have a pic of this on my home pc somewhere ill have to find it infact i know for a fact you can see it on google earth its still in the same place as we left it like 8 years ago when we moved house lol :



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Bulldozer - i have a pic of this on my home pc somewhere ill have to find it infact i know for a fact you can see it on google earth its still in the same place as we left it like 8 years ago when we moved house lol :


lol! :lol:

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Mini Cooper Diesel 1.4 - Mums Current Car - It's just shit. Handles like poo, looks average, is reliable so.. meh.

Mini Cooper S - Mums old car - Fast but still a craute wagon

Nissan X-Trials 2.0 TDI - Dad's car - It's huge. End of.

Peugeot 206 - Mate's car - Blah only drove it 10 miles, was ok though.

VW Golf Mk5, 1.9 TDI - Mate's car - I'm in love. It's sooooo nice. Huge torque too.

Citroen Saxo 1.1 - Mate's car - I didn't like it. Pedals are far too close together

And the bikes:

Yamaha R1 1000cc 2001

Suzuki Bandit 1998 600cc

Honda Hornet 600cc

KTM Super Duke 995cc (I think)

Suzuki GSXR 750cc 1999

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1998 MK4 Golf 1.6 - Dad's old car

1999 MK4 Golf GTTDI 1.9 - Dad's current car

BMW Z3 2.0 - Step mum's old car

BMW Mini One 1.6 - Step mum's new car

Leyland Clubman Saloon 1.1 - My current car

Austin Rover Mini Mayfair 1.0 - Mates car

Peugeout 106 Rallye 1.3 - Mates car

Vauxhal Corsa 1.2 - In a field

Peugeout 307 1.6 HDI - Lernt to drive in

Suzuki Grand Vitara GV2000 Convertible 2.0 - Mum's car

Fav: The Clubby of course, it's mine!

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I worked at SIXT (rental cars) and BMW, so I had the chance to ride cars I will never be able to afford :D




S 320

several E, C and A models


M5, M3 (Coupé also)

750iL or 760iL - I don't remember... it was the long version, with tv screens in the back of the front seats! That was fun :)

Several other 7xx models

X5 3.0d

530d , 520i

320d, 320i


and others



A3, A4, A6



Golf, Lupo and others

Other cars like Opel, Volvo, Ford, Renault, MG, Smart Roadster, Crysler Voyager etc.

That's about it! Who can beat that? :D

Favourite one was the S-Class... soooo smooth! And the BMW Ms where beasts! It was kind of scary when you sit in it and start the engine lol Awesome sound!

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Wrayvon, wanna add a 2.0 T to that list ;) bucky should put his list up, it would involve only cars that have been owned and CRASHED by him. and it would be longer than Merlin mans original list (Y):) wots the old saying:

"Theres no point doing half a job?"

My Favourites have to be:

Astra H Mk5 1.7CDTI (mum and dads car) extremly pokey and torquey super nice comfort and interior is mint.

Ford Focus 1.6 (girlfirends mums car) nice little car to not go too fast in. nice interior and comfy AS!

L200 pick up truck. wudnt mind an L200 myself.

Astra 2.0T van


What im going to test drive, then to hopefully buy:

Astra H Mk5 VXR (Y):) in ARDON Blue.


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Wrayvon, wanna add a 2.0 T to that list ;) bucky should put his list up, it would involve only cars that have been owned and CRASHED by him. and it would be longer than Merlin mans original list (Y):) wots the old saying:

"Theres no point doing half a job?"

Haha YES! :- HAHAHA funny thing is, its soo true :P Ah i'm thoroughly amused now :D

Sweet man, your not getting rid of that van though are you?!


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Every UK Model and Version between 1996 and now (excluding GT)

2005 Mustang GT

Capri 2.0l & 2.8i

Escort MK3 4 5 6 7

Sierra MK1 2000 Ghia, MK2 1800, Custom Cosworth Sapphire

Transit MK1 2 3 4 5 6

Jaguar XK, XJ,

Daimler Straight 6

Nissan Micra, Primera, Almera, Skyline, Figaro

TVR 420 SC, Chimera

Volvo 480

Honda Civic, Prelude, Integra

Vauxhal Corsa, Astra, Cavaler, Nova, Aglia, Seat Ibiza, Alhambra

Hilman hunter

Triumph Stag

VW Golf Mk2 3 4 5, Sharan, Jetta, Polo

Suzuki Super Carry, Jimny, SJ

Mazda 323, MX5

Saab 900

Fiat Punto, Bravo

BMW 318i, 328i, 535i, Z3, Mini Cooper S, Cooper

Subaru Legacy

Renault 19, Clio, Megane, Megane CC

Peugeot 106, 205, 206, 206cc,

God I cant be assed to go on, theres way too many to remember........

Belive me theres a hell of alot more than this

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Citroen Saxo 1 litre - driving instructor's car. Not bad for a first ever car driven

Volvo 340 1.4 - By far the most fun car I have ever driven, but then i also probably did the most stupid stuff in it.

BMW 523i - quite nice but unable to do rolling burnouts

Rover 400 1.4 16v- crap, really crap

Triumph Acclaim 1.3 - really light and surprisingly rapid with nice handling

Vauxhall Nova 1.2 - felt like sitting on a dining chair when driving

Volkswagen Polo saloon 1 litre i think - don't remember much but it felt solid

Land Rover Defender 90 diesel - lots of fun but serious effort on the clutch and gear change

Volkswagen Polo hatch - only ever driven on grass

Rover 200 1.4 16v - quite nice, fun handling but not a lot of grip

Toyota MR2 - fast and nice interior

Peugeot 206 1.4 (i think) - ok, but nothing special

Volvo 740 Turbo - serious kick in the back when the turbo comes in

Nissan Micra 1.2 - nice handling and quite nippy

BMW 520i - had a lot of fun in, but not massive amounts of grip. Annoying wobble at speed

Vauxhall Vectra diesel (old shape) - was ok, most impressed with the windscreen wipers on the day i borrowed it

Ford Transit (new shape pre facelift) - a lot more go than i expected - was good to drive

BMW 530i - nice and really quite rapid, but dodgy clutch.

BMW M5 3.8 - hehe oh yeah. needs bit of bodywork sorting and the headrest motors sorting and it will be a minter.


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Only one worth mentioning is a Porsche Cayenne Turbo, had to move it around my mate's driveway so they could get their new Bentley Continental GT in haha.

But that was only for about 10 meters.

Also driven a 1.6 diesel Ford Focus, a 1.6 zetec petrol Focus, 2 mark 2 Clios, a Daewoo Matiz and my ride when i'm at home, a 1.6 Audi 80 estate.

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Renault 21 Savanna

Renault Clio


Some shitty 50cc japanese monkey bike which I used to own

Honda C50 - still own it now

Baotian CTM50

Yamaha Jog50

Peugeot Speedfight 100

Honda City 100

Yamaha TW125

Harley Davidson 175

Honda CD185

Yamaha DT250

Suzuki GN250

Yamaha XJ600 - soon to be buying my own

Suzuki GR650

another Suzuki 650, I don't remember the model name but it's a enduro/off-road style bike.

I'm trying to convince my dad to let me have a quick ride on his BMW RS1100 but it's a bit big for me, weighing in at some 300kg laden...

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old skool Astra

Morris minor - 52 = the most satisfying

Volvo s40 1.6i

skoda fabia estate - actually loads of fun

fiat panda (new) 4x4 left hand drive

some other old dodgy fiat diesel left hand drive = worst ever ...

seat Ibiza

Mini cooper (new)


306 - couple of years old

corsa 1.9d dirty ....

audi TT fastest....

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pug 405 estate, 1.9tdi-far quicker than i thought it would be, horrible gearbox and clutch, heavy steering even though its pas, but never hinted at wanting to slide out on corners-shoddily made cars :P

pug 205 1.1-REALLY fun car, cept the brakes are useless, its the only small car that i liked slightly

pug 309 1.9d-pile of wank

pug 106-nasty french cars, garrrrr why do they even bother?

vauxhall cavalier 1.7td-slow but really fun to drive when up to speed, considering how tired out the suspension is on her, she still hugs corners well, yet to try out my 1.8i version

vauxhall nova saloon, 1.4-slow, clunky, dull feeling and cornered like a wet teabag-was great fun to ride bikes over though

citroen 2cv-FUNNEST CAR EVER! crashed it though :( i miss her and want another

seat marbella: kooky, and has the longest gearstick known to man

seat toledo 1.9tdi 110 se: my current car, and i fooking love it, handles real well, its quick and looks great, awesome stock audio too! cant grumble at all :)

ford transit, 2.5d-i wasnt expecting much, and i was right to think so-its a van, so no shocks there really...

nissan micra 1.3x4-instructors cars, godawful things, never going to drive one again if i can help it-slip and slide everywhere

skoda felicia 1.4-impressed me, certainly made me change my opinions on skodas, still wouldnt own one though

if tractors count, well, ive driven lots :P i can remember the following: massey 165, 6160, 6180, 2640, 760 combine, class dominator combine, ford 7610x2, lamborghini cross country 85, fiat something...., bmc, international something, few jcbs, sanderson forklift, bobcat, and more, but i forget the numbers :(

also had a few motorbikes: honda express 50 and mt50-both awesome fun, yamaha 5ize or however you spell it-kept breaking down, dt 125-made me splurge, got a dt 175 ready to try in the shed :) , crunch 90-fooooook yeah!, few scooters, but everybody knows scooters are gay

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Mk4 fiesta 1.4-my car and i love it, real nippy little car and handles sexually.

Volvo v90 3.0-dads car, goes like shit off a shovel.

Megane scenic-mums car, urgh slugish and just not good, but spose it is french....

Mini 1275- my mates uses it for road rallies and is probably the best handling car i ahve driven

quick too.

Lexus is200- not as quick as i thought it would be, but sounded lush and handled real nice.

Vaxhaull cav gsi-my mates, tuned, quick as f**k and handled real nice even though i dont usually like vaxhaulls.

Corsa 1.2 8v-disgusting.

mates megane-not the best but is well comfy....

Fiesta 1.25-felt real similar to mine jus not as much go, still would'nt have thought many other 1.2s would touch it.

Fiesta rs turbo-f**king stupidly fast, 210bhp and oh my god, handled lovely too except when it starts to boost going round corners and jus wants to go straight!

Renault laguna 1.9td- mates dads car, went well but had real shit brakes.

Ford fiesta xr2i-mates car, quick and sounds amazing too bad the steering rack was fubar'd is all good now though.

Ford capri 2.0-amazing car, my mates tuned and is just soooo fun just wants to go sideways.

1.0 mini-my mates, sounds lovely and everyone looks n smiles when ur driving it :D

Mk5 fiesta zetec s-dissapointing, slower than my 1.4 fiesta and mine dropped 35 handles so much better, poo brakes too.

oo more cars than i thought

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